Redsun strives to create value by investing in growing businesses where strategic insights of the Vietnam markets, global relationships, capital and operational support can drive to unlock the company’s maximum potential. Our investment strategy involves three major transaction types:

  • Special Situation – likely involve capital investments and partnerships where we would utilize our sector expertise and global relationships to create unique and fast-growing businesses;
  • Turnarounds – where we restructure and transform companies with rigorous involvement from our professionals and industry  experts;
  • Expansion – where we support business expansion and improved operating efficiencies in companies with dominant market shares, strong brands, and capable management teams.


  • Acquired 100% equity stake of an 30MW wind project in 2019 (~US$50M dev. cost).
  • Actively considering a dynamic portfolio of attractive greenfield & operating solar and wind projects with combined capacity of more than 10GW.

Real Estate

  • Jointly invest and develop a major 563 ha urban real estate project about 50km from central HCMC (estimated land development costs ~US$1 Billion).
  • Actively reviewing a portfolio of attractive marquee real estate opportunities in or near Hanoi & HCMC (8-10 projects with estimated combined development costs >US$5 Billion).